Wonder Fest Summer is Almost Here Again, Ready?

And we’re just less than 2 days away from it too!

In the calm before the storm, Mikatan gives us a sneak preview of some things we’re about to see soon…

And being a scaled figure collector that I am, I’ll talk about them first. Probably one of the biggest showcase we will see on Sunday would be one of the currently milked series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and most of you had probably already predicted that to be true; well, as far as the preview’s concerned then we already have two in the fray already:

Madoka Mahou Shoujo outfit, CHECK! o/

Homerun-chan, chekku-desu! >:3

But wait! Notice something awfully familiar with the pose? Well, they’re basically the exact same poses the mahou shoujo versions from the latest pre-order of the nendoroid petit set, could’ve wished for a more dynamic pose though but meh, can’t be too picky now, right? XD

Moving on, I’ll now go to one of the best lines from GSC’s vast array of scaled figrues which would be their releases for the Bakemonogatari series. Having released Senjougahara, Nadeko and also Kanbaru this month while Mayoi and Hanekawa have already been out for orders for quite some time now, the only ones we’re left with from the girls would be Araragi’s sisters and the vampire, Shinobu; and following from the DVD (was it?) illustration basis from all the ones already announced, we have another one joining the cast~

Loli!? Vampire!? It’s Shinobu! >8D

And finally from the previewed scaled figures is finally a colored prototype of one we saw last Wonder Fest. Who could it be?

The phantom thief of illusions, Arsene

That’s it for scaled figure previews and now, on to the nendos! There were 2 particular ones that were sneaked to us; One I’m sure of would be Erio from Denpa Onna while the other… thanks to my lack of knowledge, I cannot identify XD But a colleague from Team Onii-chan has stated that she looks like Menma and I don’t know who she is and where she’s from ^^;

Lastly, I don’t really know where to put this under since I don’t even know what it is… All I know is that it’s a bird of sorts… So, can anyone identify? XD

Who’s that pokemo… bird????

Anyway, that’s all the teasers we have for now from GSC’s side XP More mind blowing revelations to come in less than two days and let us all stand together and cry with our wallets by then :o

Til’ the next post, this has been one of many authors, Murakami Night!

Images sources were taken from Mikatan’s post and Wonderful Hobby Life For You 14 site.


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