WF Summer 2011: Alter’s Sneak Peak

Alongside Mikatan, Alter’s blog was updated today with their own spoilers for the upcoming Wonder Fest Summer 2011.

1/8 Gertrud Barkhorn
Series: Strike Witches 2

1/7 Fate Testarossa
Series: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 1st

1/8 Mio Sakamoto
Series: Strike Witches 2

1/8 Kaminagi Ryoko
Series: Zegapain

According to Alter, or at least what google translate said, they will be announcing another Strike Witches figure. They will also display Black Hanekawa and Hitagi from the series Bakemonogatari.

Anyway, we’ll all see these this coming sunday so stay tune!

-scary.chii :)

Credit goes to all uploaders at MFC.

Via Alter’s Blog.


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