WF Summer 2011: Alter

Alter has long been my favorite figure company and it’s only fitting that the first WF 2011 Summer post I write is dedicated to their offerings. Compared to past WF displays, this one’s quite a tame outing for them as none of the featured figures are on a grand and epic scale, but nonetheless, they are all solid and well-executed pieces as we’ve come to know from Alter.

Taneshima Popura from the anime “WORKING!”

Following up on the earlier announced Yamada figure, Alter finally shows us their rendition of the quite-popular Poplar-chan from the anime “WORKING!” She’s quite livelier than Yamada and it shows in her facial expression and pose. Definitely a treat for her fans.

Kanetsugu Naoe from the anime “Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls”

Alter’s “Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls” line has been one of their most successful releases (even if the anime sucked like crap) and they continue this winning tradition with the noisy comic-relief character, Kanetsugu Naoe. As with the other figures of this line, there’s plenty of details to go around and that hammer is just plain impressive.

Charlotte Dunois from the anime “Infinite Stratos”

Fans have been clamoring for a figure of the popular France representative, Charlotte Dunois, and what the fans want, Alter gives. While I would’ve preferred her to be in her IS suit, this figure does capture the innocent moe charm that Char is known for.

Merry Nightmare from the anime “Yumekui Merry”

Earlier this week, MegaHouse announced that they would be releasing a Merry figure so it came as a surprise to me that Alter was releasing one as well. Compared to the MegaHouse version, this one’s much more dynamic and personally the face sculpt is more accurate.

Aegis ART WORKS Ver. from the game “PERSONA 3”

Aegis is arguably the most popular PERSONA 3 character and Alter once again releases a figure of her. While I’m not sure what ART WORKS Ver. means, this one is quite an eye-catcher simply because of the absurb detailing and unique design. This could turn out to be one of those cult favorite figures.

Selvaria Bles Swimsuit Ver. from “Valkyria Chronicles”

One of the numerous swimsuit figures announced this WF (maybe because of the summer theme?), Selvaria Bles gets another figure treatment from Alter. While the first version capitalized on the huge weapons and meticulously detailed tight fit suit she wore, this one isn’t shy about showing off her voluptuous body. Surely a treat for those with a taste for “gifted” characters.

Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit Ver. from “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS”

I won’t lie. I love this figure. I’m a HUGE fan of Nanoha and just when I thought Alter’s done with the StrikerS line (since they’ve been focusing more on the loli MOVIE 1st versions), they throw a curve ball and announce this. This one’s actually based on an official art that also features Fate and Hayate if I remember right, which means there’s more to come. Definitely a no-brainer buy for me.

Fate Testarossa Swimsuit Ver. from “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 1st”

This one’s been announced for quite some time already but I’m not as excited for it as the aforementioned Nanoha figure. I just don’t like the face sculpt on this one and the hair movement is quite unnatural. A pass for me.

Celty Sturluson from the anime “Durarara!!”

I’m not sure what to make of this. Celty was a great character for me but I wouldn’t consider her to be spectacular as a figure. Maybe because she doesn’t really have a head to show for and a black leather suit doesn’t have details to show for?

Orihara Izaya from the anime “Durarara!!”

Izaya-kun has been announced since last year but this is the first time we saw his actual figure and my does he look great. Everything about him is perfect including his trademark fur-lined jacket. The facial expression is spot on as well showing his mischievous naughty side. I’m definitely getting him since he’s my favorite character in the anime.

Heiwajima Shizuo from “Durarara!!”

Alter’s planning to make the Herculean waiter Shizuo as well. Shizaya anyone?

Luke von Fabre from the game “Tales of Abyss”

The Tales series has quite a following among otaku circles and with the Altair line releasing already 2 figures (Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo), it’s not surprising they continue the party with the fan favorite Luke. I know quite a bit of people who are absolutely frothing at the mouth in anticipation for this one and considering the positive feedback that earlier Altair figures got, I’m sure my friends would enjoy this one thoroughly.

Images taken from Hobby Stock Blog.


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