Tamashii Web Shop Year End S.H.Figuarts Pre-orders Open!

As of today, Tamashii, Bandai’s Collector Division, brings to us the probably final wave of SHF exclusives for the year 2011.

First up is finally another Figuarts from Dragon Ball, which has been a while since we last saw one in the form of young Son Gohan in his Piccolo outfit. But it’s pretty painful to see that the next is a web exclusive and this time it’s Vegeta in his Saiyan form (as usual XD). Tamashii stated on their page that Vegeta will come with the following parts:

  • 2 pairs of alternate hands
  • 2 alternate faces

It’s pretty few IMO, he can use some effect parts at least for being an exclusive but anyway, as the post title says, Vegeta’s release will be on December and is priced at 3.465 yen.

Next up is another Greeed from the current Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider OOO. This will be that kid Ankh, labeled as Ankh (Lost) or easily known as Lost Ankh. The incomplete Ankh now completes the 5 original Greeds and as for his option parts and accessories:

  • 1 alternate right hand
  • 2 alternate left hands
  • A special tamashii stage

The special stage will probably be the same as the other Greeeds which is a base with a pile of cell medals around. Lost Ankh is priced the also at 3,465 yen and is again, of course, to be released on December. Information and banner image from his own information page from tamashii web shop’s site.

And finally is the major heartache for me which is from a personal favorite series, Heartcatch Precure! It really pains to see Cure Moonlight’s “rival”, Dark Precure, being an exclusive but still, she’ll be the only I’ll get from these releases XD Dark Precure will have the following option parts and accessories:

  • 3 alternate faces
  • 1 alternate wing
  • 3 alternate right hands
  • 2 alternate left hands
  • Her Dark Tact
  • A special tamashii stage

Being the most accessorized and having a wing, she’s also the most expensive of the 3 SH Figuarts releases for December being priced at 3,990 yen. Information obtained from her product page on tamashii web shop’s site.


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