WF Summer 2011: Good Smile Company

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Of course a WF coverage wouldn’t be complete without the most popular figure company in the world, GSC. To the uninitiated, GSC not only produces figures but also acts as a marketing partner and distributor for other manufacturers such as Max Factory, FREEing, Gift, Penguin Parade and others. As such, this post will cover scale figures (Nendoroids and figmas will be tacked in separate posts) not only from GSC but from those manufacturers as well.

Kaname Madoka from the anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

If there is one series that defined WF Summer 2011, it would be “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” otherwise known as the Kyubey Show. Kidding aside, GSC launched a barrage of Madoka-related scale figures this WF, starting with this exceptionally cute rendition of the titular character. Of course, Kyubey is included.

Akemi Homura from the anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

Madoka’s best friend and fan favorite, Homura, also gets the scale figure treatment. Her silent demeanor and slim body is captured perfectly here. This would surely be a hit among fans.

Tomoe Mami from the anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

The well-gifted and gun-toting blonde, Mami, also joins in the party. Her refined movement and signature smirk are present here, which most surely means this was her in her pre-headless days.

Miki Sayaka from the anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

Saya-who? Anyways, wished they made Kyoko the apple girl instead…

Makise Kurisu from “Steins Gate”

In a surprise move by GSC, they’ve decided to make a Christina figure, months after Kotobukiya released their own version based on huke’s artwork. From the looks of this one, this might be closer to the anime art than that of Koto’s, but it’s still too early to call since this is just a prototype.

Shinobu from the anime “Bakemonogatari”

Shinobu was quite a forgettable character for me in “Bakemonogatari” but there is quite a cult following for her and this rendition was one of the most desired figures to receive a PVC treatment. GSC heard the fans prayers and delivered. Fans win, GSC wins. Everyone’s happy.

Kousaka Kirino from the anime “OreImo”

FREEing has for some time been the oddball figure manufacturer with their figures having distinct features that only they could think of, such as the insanely large scales or characters being in bunny suits even though their personalities wouldn’t suggest such behavior. This one is right up there with them. Kirino as a goth loli? Errr… considering this tsundere imouto was against that genre, it’s kinda weird seeing this figure. Hey at least the face looks good.

Millhiore Biscotti from the anime “DOG DAYS”

Never thought I’d see a Millhiore overload at WF but she is quite a cute character that justifies making a figure of her, and my does she look good here. However, that doesn’t change the fact that “DOG DAYS” was utter crap.

Hatsune Miku “Love is War”

There’s so many Mikus to count already that it’s already a given that at least one shows up every WF. The “Love is War” version has actually been out in prototype for quite some time now but this is the first time we see it fully painted. It’s mighty impressive if I must say. Hopefully they don’t make the base out of some flimsy material to save on costs.

Hatsune Miku “HSP Ver.”

While I’m not particularly fond of how GSC/Max Factory tend to milk the hell out of their Mikus, this one caught my attention mainly due to its striking similarity to a certain violent imouto. Max Factory will apparently be in charge of manufacturing this one.

Princess Knight Miku

Now this one I like… a lot. Despite it being another Miku variant, this one’s actually quite different and badass compared to the others. A Miku enthusiast friend of mine actually said, “this is grail material” which speaks quite a lot of how this is as grandiose as Miku can get.

Saber Zero from the game “Fate/ZERO”

Much like how Alter has made every single variant of Nanoha and Fate, GSC has their sights on making every single variant of Saber. The Saber sculpt for this one looks excellent (GSC has admittedly perfected her in my opinion) as always, but it’s that delicious looking bike which makes me drool and would make wallets weep in shame.

Saber Extra from the game “Fate/EXTRA”

Satoshi Toda does it again! After his polarizing renditions of Saber, Saber Alter and Saber Lily, his work once again comes out in the form of the red Saber Extra. Excessive details and the realistic face are to be expected of this one which may or may not be up your alley. It certainly ain’t up in mine. Once again, this will be manufactured by Gift.

Arsene from the anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes”

Surprisingly, GSC is quite heavy on the voluptuous looking ladies this year and Arsene is certainly packing the goods. While I would’ve preferred that they release Sharo first, it’s not as if Arsene doesn’t have her own legion of fans.

Leicia from the novel “BEATLESS”

This is actually one of the figures I’m most intrigued about since I have no clue about the source material or the artist, but it just screams a resounding wow when viewed. I also have quite an affinity for mecha musume so this one fits right in my interests. Oh and did I say that weapon is just so uber sexy?

Kagura Aya from the eroge “se.Kirara”

Got nothing much to say about this one since I haven’t played the game. I’ve seen quite a few of their figmas locally and judging by how much I see them on shelves…

Shizuno Izumi from the eroge, “se.Kirara”

… these might not be the smartest things to release for Max Factory, unless their eroge (yes, it’s made by them and it’s free!) is that popular in Nipponland.

Chainsaw (Original Character)

As far as I know, this one’s an original character and from Shanghai at that. It’s great to see that figure companies such as GSC are starting to recognize international talent in figure sculpting. It’s not hard to see why they chose to adopt this design as at first glance she quite resembles a mix between an Infinite Stratos pilot and a BRS character.

Since I’m not very familiar with the following characters, I’ve decided to post them below without any thoughts on them. FREEing mostly dominates the list below with their sultry figures based on the anime “Freezing”. Of note is that there’s also some erotic figures which means GSC’s finally expanding their markets to an older audience.

Sonico “Bondage Ver.”


Catherine from “Catherine”
Satellizer el Bridget from the anime “Freezing”
Satelizer el Bridget “Lingerie Ver.” from the anime “Freezing”
Ingrid Bernstein “Lingerie Ver.” from the anime “Freezing”

and some even more obscure ones…

 Images taken from AmiAmi Blog and Akibahobby.

7 thoughts on “WF Summer 2011: Good Smile Company

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  4. Princess Knight Miku *A* So much win, so different yet so osom :)) And I seem to know who this “Miku enthusiast” is ohohoho. Saber Extra looks mighty fine too despite the ongoing style that I only of a few that appreciates it.

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