Griffon’s Sakuya is Maid(Made) of Win

Sakuya Izayoi “Youyoumu Ver.” from “Touhou Project”

Pre-orders have just opened for this most wonderful of Sakuya Izayoi figures, depicting her with a flowing red scarf and ready for battle despite holding a mop (maybe she was disturbed from her cleaning duties?). Griffon Enterprises will be making this figure and while they’ve had a rough start with their Touhou figures, their most recent releases have generally been subject to positive reviews. Hopefully, this stunning figure of the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s resident time manipulating maid would be the same. She’s due for a November 2011 release at 7600 yen.

Image taken from AmiAmi.



2 thoughts on “Griffon’s Sakuya is Maid(Made) of Win

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  2. Though expect her base to be not so “stunning” at all. :/

    But at least they should make the base appropriate to her size, not XL, or XXL for that matter. (A certain touhou cast made by them also has that huge base.)

    Anyhow, I agree with you! one of Sakuya’s (perfect cherry blossom ver.)best rendition by Griffon. :D

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