Sentinel’s Panty Will Wrap Around Your Pole

Panty Metamorphose Ed. from “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt”

Gun-toting angel, Panty, is shown in a seductively erotic pose befitting her bitch moniker in this new 1/7 scaled figure from little known company, Sentinel. She’s depicted in her signature transformation scene with a gorgeous pole base that looks to be more impressive than the character sculpt itself. While prototypes can (and usually) change for the better in the actual release, it’s much better to keep expectations realistic, especially when partner character, Stocking, looks to be even more derpy. Panty’s due for a November 2011 release for a questionable price of 8500 yen.

Image taken from AmiAmi.


2 thoughts on “Sentinel’s Panty Will Wrap Around Your Pole

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