Night’s Last Loots for July

Pardon the ugly background, flash shot quality and messy table XD

Anyway, just sharing the story of stuff I hauled and that  happened today.

First of all, being a multilined collector, that would explain the bunch I guess, ahaha. Going to TFs first, well, these minicons just appeared recently at the local toy stores and they’re already marked down for somewhere in between 2-3$ each and I got the two best looking ones and I’ll really just use them as accessories for some of my PCC 5-packs XD

Next up, thanks to the ever hard work of Onii-chan and dango of bacchikoi, I’ve finally got my 2 wonder fest figures from the GSC online shop release; as one who builds up a collection of BRS and DM, I really just had to get these three and thankfully to online releases, it is made possible 8’D Really can’t wait to shoot and review Mato :3 Also Yomi’s been released today, so, she should be here with me in around 2-3 weeks 8D

Lastly was an impulse buy, after successfully selling my Armor Plus line I had an extra and saw this particular nendo for a really good price, I stood and hesitated for quite a while and after much “help” from Onii-chan, I finally gave in and got me a Nendo Yuyuko which was at a steal since she was sold at around 40+$ which is pretty much even cheaper than most regular release nendos that arrive here in the local hobby shops and the fact that Touhou figures are always shop exclusive makes it even more of a steal X3

Supposedly was getting 2 more nendos as well but my other supplier forgot to leave it behind before he went to Hong Kong, so, I went there just to pay up and not get my items XD


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