Portfolio: Alter X Hobby Japan Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to the most elusive and beautiful things in life. It’s happened with everything I’ve been addicted to. Gadgets, collectible cards, toys I’ve been through all of them. Naturally, it’s been the same with figures. When Hobby Japan announced this figure of the voluptuous Yagyu Jubei, I was immediately drawn to it not only for its immaculately beautiful sculpt and punchy colors (even brighter shade of red compared to the regular Jubei from Alter), but also for its staggering exclusivity of only 1,500 pcs to be made. At first, I thought that spending 25,000 yen (and rising) for one would be my only option, but luckily as if by fate, Play-Asia had her in stock for a much more reasonable price. She’s definitely one of those figures that is worth every bit of hype and reputation preceding it. There’s really nothing negative I have to say about it. Extra sharp detailing and the beautiful paint application make this one of the most gorgeous figures one’s money can get.

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