Onii-chan no Loooooot-oh!

I spent the whole day today helping out mai waifu in her booth at the Kpop and Culture Fest 2011 at SM Megamall without any expectations of additional loot aside from my MegaHouse Kenshin (goes giddy fanboy mode) which I ordered from AmiAmi through her. However, that all changed when we passed by a certain comic shop.

Comic Quest is one of the few comic book shops alive and kicking here in the Philippines. However, another thing to note about them is that they’re the only local retailer that I know who brings in updated issues of Megami Magazine. For the uninitiated, Megami is the FHM-equivalent for otaku. On top of that, Megami is very generous in including full sized posters with each issue of the latest and greatest anime in Japan. It doesn’t mean I’m a regular buyer though since each issue costs quite a hefty sum for a magazine (1,200 pesos here) but when I saw the issue with a delicious looking Homuhomu (whose poster mai waifu gleefully took home) at the cover, my lolicon instincts knew it was time to bring out the cash. And true enough my lolicon instincts brought me a treasure trove, none of which bigger than this…

Yes, a back to back poster featuring 2 of my all time favorite lolis in swimsuits makes it all worth it indeed.


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