Portfolio: Tiku Taku Rabbit Reimu Hakurei

I used to have no clue about what Touhou was about. All I knew that it was a shooting game (at which I absolutely suck at) with bitchy girls wearing Oriental clothes going at it in a beam spamming deathmatch enough to put Gundam SEED to shame.It wasn’t until I played a fighting game with mai waifu that I got into it. Being one of my two favorite characters, I immediately scoured the interwebs for the best Reimu money can buy. It wasn’t until my good friend, Murakami Night, alerted me to this Reimu that I finally said to myself “that’s it I’m getting this and nothing’s stopping me.” Well was she worth it? Absolutely. I’d even go to say that this is the best Reimu to get right now (until that Hobby Japan Reimu comes out but then again I’d still favor this one). The detailing on this is just mindblowingly exquisite. The paint job might be a bit messy on some parts but otherwise they’re excellent. Considering this is both a limited and exclusive item and on top of that made by a relatively unknown manufacturer, This one could be almost impossible to find in the future.

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