Portfolio: GSC Azusa Miura Happy Wedding Ver.

Recently I’ve been watching the anime adaptation of “Idolm@ster” and while I do know some of the characters already, I’ve had this figure of the ditzy Azusa Miura even before I ever knew of “Idolm@ster” first hand. As with my Jubei Swimsuit Ver., I was mainly attracted to its rarity as well as size (she’s a hefty 1/6 scale). From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Azusa is simply one of my most breathtaking figures. A lot of figures nowadays might equal the attention to detail but for the time that she was released, she was on another level. Even the box that came with her indicated that this was indeed a special figure. Good Smile Company has had a lot of figures in recent years which have achieved legendary status but this one will always remain special not only for the exclusive status it holds, but for the commemorative context it was released in. This figure is truly not only a feast for the “Idolm@ster” fan, but for every figure collector who appreciates both its history and excellent sculpting and attention to detail.

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