This Den-O Will Climax You Pleasurably

S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Form

Apart from animu, I’ve also recently immersed myself into the outrageous world of Kamen Riders. While I am not as “into it” as other people are, I do find the S.H.FiguArts line quite impressive and good value for money. Though I don’t own much of them, I still do check out upcoming releases to see what Bandai (aka Milk Machine) is coming up with next. What caught my eye just now is the ever popular and polarizing Kamen Rider Den-O in his most powerful form (in the TV series that is), Climax Form. Some years ago, Bandai released this particular form as an exclusive under the now defunct Souchaku Henshin line. Most of the Souchaku Henshin era Riders have now been released as FiguArts ones so it comes as no surprise that Bandai’s coming out with a Den-O one. Like last year’s Kiva Emperor Form and Kabuto Hyper Form, it seems that December will be the month of Heisei-era Riders ultimate form releases as Den-O Climax Form will also be coming out in Santa month for 3500 yen. The most impressive thing about this toy? Apart from the better proportions and sculpt, the fact it can do all the Charge and Up attacks without any sacrifice to its show accurate look is pure genious and a marvel of impressive engineering. Hey, it can even do the Ryuutaros missile launching move on it’s chest!

Images taken from Cybergundam Blog.


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