FiguArts ZERO Show Bandai’s Cow Still Has Milk To Give

FiguArts ZERO Kurosaki Ichigo “Final Getsuga Tenshou”

Two new entrants into Bandai’s miniature static figure line, FiguArts ZERO, reveal that the company has plans to expand into 2 other popular shonen properties; the samurai-inspired Bleach and the ninja-themed Naruto. The Bleach line starts with furrowed eyebrow protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo, in his seen-only-once Final Getsuga Tenshou form which he used against fabulously gay, butterfly-loving Sousuke Aizen. Being the first entrant into the line, it makes you wonder why Bandai would choose to make this version of Ichigo first before his other more familiar, yet less powerful forms. However, despite my initial qualms about how they’d be doing this one, Bandai seems to have nailed the look and cool factor of the character. Now if only they made this in 1/8 scale. Ichigo unleashes his Mugetsu on you this December for 3300 yen.

FiguArts ZERO Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto also makes his FiguArts ZERO debut but unlike Ichigo, he’s depicted in his regular Shippuden clothes. While I’m personally not a Naruto fan, I can see why many are fans of the manga and most people would probably rejoice seeing this. That being said, the pose of Naruto here looks like he’s constipated and his facial expression agrees so. The Masterpiece Stars version looks supremely better than this (apart from the ugly painting which is this one’s only redeeming factor). Naruto coes out this November for 2300 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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