Kotobukiya’s Nellis is Exclusively Beautiful

Kotobukiya’s wave of Shining Hearts scaled figures continue with the release of this gorgeous piece of work. And for me, their Shining line has really been improving over time, with pose based again on one of Tony’s artwork, I’m expecting this to be another masterpiece from Koto.Koto also gives an option to people by including her bow which can be used to replace Nellis’ basket of bread. It’s pretty rare for me to be impressed with Koto’s official shots and I must say that this is indeed promising.

Unforntunately, this exclusively beautiful figure is as exclusive as it can get; Nellis is an exclusive figure which can only be ordered via mail order from Gemaga Magazine, through SBCr Shop or Kotobukiya’s Web Shop.

Love breads? XD

Nellis is scheduled to be released on February 2012 for a whooping price of 9,800 yen. Images from her product page on Kotobukiya’s online shop.


4 thoughts on “Kotobukiya’s Nellis is Exclusively Beautiful

  1. It’s the not the price; the fact that it’s an exclusive is more of a killjoy… otherwise I’ll like to have her in my collection.

    Hope it’s her only. There’s another two upcoming figures from Shining Hearts from WonFes and I could do without the exclusive nonsense.

      • Thanks I’ll take a look. Someone also mentioned Yokatta Shopping Service. Haven’t used any proxies before. Got no choice with the exclusives. Wish me luck.

        • Mandarake’s more of a gamble though since it’s a race with others who want the same item once it’s listed after the release; though if you’re lucky enough, you might even score an exclusive for lower than their srp XD

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