Quick Review: FREEing Nendoroid Airi

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: AiriGenerally, I think Queen’s Blade nendos are not worth it but today, here’s a look on one of the many Queen’s Blade nendos around, and it’s of my personal favorite ghost girl, Airi.

Generally, details are of good quality, I’ve seen no visual flaws that would lead to my dislike, it’s a pretty good representation of Airi as a nendoroid. Paint work on her is satisfying enough as it’s pretty close to how some scaled figures had done it.

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: AiriSince the manufacturer of this nendoroid is FREEing, a different base has been provided and I think this holds for all the other Queen’s Blade nendos; Her base features a clamp which only holds one leg, though it might look/sound scary, it actually works for me since the clamp is indeed pretty tight and it’s less dangerous than the peg to the back IMO.

Accessory-wise, she comes with her standard scythe and also with two identical wisps that have a stand of their own, I would’ve preferred if the wisps had more range for motion like what was done on nendo Dead Master’s skull servants.

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: AiriAs you can see above, her other faceplate is a shouting/angry expression which is also her only alternate expression, which is one of the bad sides of the QB nendos, they don’t have an epic faceplate that most nendos usually have. As for alternate parts, she has an extra left palm which is used so you lay her scythe in her hand, two bent arms and a pair of bent legs (which you can see in the shots above).

Articulation wise, she comes with standard nendo points, shoulders, wrists and waist swivels, and nendoroid joints on her hips and neck as well as an additional joints for her twintails \o/ I seriously think this is where Airi shines, despite the slightly limited articulation thanks to the bent legs, arms and the base, I’m amazed that such a limited action figure could be so dynamic; and that fact that Airi flies most of the time puts the base to a really good use as opposed to the other casts’ nendo renditions. Additionally, her default face ain’t that bad for giving off that somewhat cute and calm feel that nendos are supposed to give.

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: Airi FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: Airi

Given that you’re a nendoroid collector and you somewhat find her lacking in face plates, you can always give her other faceplates for additional fun though it would be hard to fit on some faceplates unless you mod some of them, but if you’re just taking pictures then the camera can do the trick pretty well already.

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: AiriFaceplate from Nendoroid Yuyuko
Note: it does not exactly fit XD

Verdict is, well, I love Airi and she’s a good get actually for me, just really lacking expressions. But being one who is more on the poseability of the figure, then she definitely won it for me since she’s so dynamic yet she’s not even using a super movable frame. Still, it’s up to you if you want her or not…

FREEing Nendoroid no. 168a: AiriWould you feed your soul to the hungry meido?

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