Max Factory Figma Tomoe Mami is Just Okay for me

Tomoe Mami is gaining a lot of fans, and I’m one of them.. I already preordered two Mami figures (Nendo and a scale fig by Wave), but should I/we add a figma to my/our Future Mami Shrines?

My answer is yes… Though some will say that this figma is not good in terms of quality. But take a good look at it. Basically, there is something wrong with the photo quality. I believe Max Factory Figma will make a better preview of my favorite goddess of Madoka Magica Series.

Definitely, the Nendo version of her is much better. But to all Mami Shriners, fanatics of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and figma Collectors, this is a must have fig. Nonetheless, figma Mami is just okay for me :)


3 thoughts on “Max Factory Figma Tomoe Mami is Just Okay for me

  1. I pre-ordered both Mami figures too. :D
    And of course, I going to preorder Mami figma. I cant have enough Mami figures!! (I would need to rob a bank or something at this pace :P)

  2. what scares me about the fact that it has 6 muskets is… it takes a lot of space in the box. I hope she still gets more accessories, like her tea cup or Tiro Finale

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