Atelier-Sai Thinks It’s 2004, Comes Out With New Meer and Lacus


Low key manufacturer Atelier-Sai, more known for their polystone work, will be releasing 2 new PVC figures in the upcoming Chara X Hobby 2011 based on the 2004 plot disaster known as “Gundam SEED Destiny.” While Atelier-Sai has previously released some PVC figures, they have faded into obscurity as a result of their resounding mediocrity.

One of the figures that will be released is this gorgeous looking rendition of main heroine, Lacus Clyne. She’s sporting her all too familiar ninja-inspired outfit from “SEED Destiny,” which I like very much. The pose is dynamic but there should be some concern given to the one leg support, especially as the peg seems to be made out of malleable plastic and not the all too familiar metal rods used by companies like GSC for their one-legged posed figures. Given the company’s history, I wouldn’t label this as a must have yet, but if the prototype shots were to come to fruition, then it certainly would be a new must have figure for Lacus fans.

The other figure announced is this partially revealing and tempestuous sculpt of Lacus imposter, Meer Campbell in her concert outfit. True to her anime roots, Meer sports a shapelier body compared to Lacus as well as a propensity for sensual poses like this. She’s also much more open to the occasional panty and underboob shots which is depicted here. It would seem though that the facial sculpt on this one is not as good as the Lacus above. She’ll be released in a blue and a yellow version.

Both these 1/6 scale figures will be released on August 27, 2011 at Chara X Hobby 2011 for a staggering and inhuman price of 15000 yen.

Images from Atelier-Sai.


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