*UPDATE* figma Panty and Stocking Announced!!

UPDATE: It seems that our announcement has been premature. The info from Tsuki hours ago was false and has now been changed. The figures shown above are not Panty and Stocking figmas. We currently don’t have info on them but it’s possible they’re either modified figmas to look like them or garage kits.

Hot and fresh from Tsuki Board’s database of latest figures, Max Factory finally gave in and announced their imminent figma treatment of notorious bitches Panty and Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (can I make it any more obvious?).

Though I’m pretty sure that every fan of the series who’s into figures was expecting this, it’s still surprising to see this announcement just now especially since they weren’t included last Wonder Festival Summer 2011. What were they thinking!?

Anyway, no price and release date mentioned for these badass bitches yet but expect them to be released sometime late this year.


4 thoughts on “*UPDATE* figma Panty and Stocking Announced!!

    • I based the info from Tsuki Board a few minutes after someone posted it and they marked it as “figma”. I just checked now, and yeah, seems like it’s a GK/unknown figure. Edited the post now~

      (Damn, some people can be misleading -__-;;)

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