Dive Sonico: A Flower Among The Sewage System

A new Super Sonico figure has been announced to be manufactured by a very, very unexpected company.

While there’s nothing actually surprising about yet another Sonico figure given that this busty entity is currently trending as one of the most milked (pun not intended) upon character by figure companies, what prompted me to put on a WTF stance is the company, Dive, who will manufacture the figure. You see, Dive is notorious for releasing figures of manly GANGSTER characters (except maybe Professor Layton) from different gangster-themed series as seen in this link.

Need I say more? Page after page of Dive’s figure release database will show you a pool of GANGSTERS (yep, I have to really emphasize that word) and adding Sonico to the equation is like throwing a handsome virgin lad in a den of hungry gay lions. Of course, you might see it as Sonico having her own huge harem of GANGSTERS, but that’s really off character.

No price, scale and release date has been set for this figure but I will surely be anticipating for a preview of this one. GANGSTER Sonico may not really be far off, lulz.


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