Max Factory Figma Black ★ Rock Shooter – The Game (B★RS 2032)

So after the B★RS Beast, there will be another one, and this figma is none other than the future version of BRS. We should not beware of the 2012 prophecies because we can say that our future is safe in year 2032. :)

The figure is somewhat the same but newly improved version of the first figma BRS (SP-012). By just looking at the clothes and weapons. Oh wait her canon comes with a blade… cool!….hmmm but by looking at the picture, the canon is smaller/thinner than the first figma…i guess.. :)

Honestly, when I first saw this fig, I thought it’s a Gundam Version of BRS (I don’t know why? LOL)…. Lastly I really like the improved hair, the face (two expressions: serious and excited faces) and blue flame. :)

This figma has no price nor date of release yet. But clearly, this BRS version will make another impact to all BRS Collectors and hopefully they will make new versions of other characters as well.. :)


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