figma Racing Miku 2011: First Win Version’s Accessories are so COOL!

Congratulations for Racing Miku’s first win… and because of that figma releases a more oozing and sexy Miku Hatsune…and this fig has tons of accessories….WIN! :)

So a translucent hair and some translucent body parts, hmmmmm there will be lot of comparisons with the Figma Miku Append Version. She has two versions of Parasols /Umbrellas, a closed and an open one.

A signboard! OMG, It’s suits well the kawaiiness of Miku …Note: you can create your desired signboard by using the decals.

and the best accessory in this fig? a FIRST PLACE TROPHY!!!, everyone who will own this fig deserves this trophy… how cool was that…Especially with that alternate super happy face… :)

To end this blog is a very special accessory, a checkered flag for finishing/reading this review. Miku is so grateful and look how happy she is ..:)


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