Hobby Manufacturers Product Expo = Wallet Murder 2011

At the recent Hobby Manufacturers Product Expo held after Wonder Festival 2011 Summer, more closeups of announced figures were taken by several figure sites that prompted our attention. While most of these figures have already been featured before, we will be giving more information on the figures that have definite release dates based on what we found.

This figma of unloved, melancholic and utterly annoying supporting character Sayaka Miki is due for a December 2011 release. I wonder who’ll even bother buying her? Hey, at least she surprised us by topping her group in the recent eliminations for Saimoe 2011. On a more positive note, her cape does look great though.

The busty blonde marks(wo)man Tomoe Mami will also have her figma released on Santa month. Unlike Sayaka, Mami has quite the number of fans and her figma should prove to be even more popular as its recently been revealed that 6 guns will be included to replicate her finishing maneuver, Tiro Finale.

This spectacular looking figma rendtion of the BRS from the future, BRS 2035, will be getting a surprisingly early release on November 2011. While I am not a big fan of the BRS franchise, I must say that the redesigns made for this game version of BRS are oh so delicious. She really looks much better in my opinion compared to her normal self. I’m hoping for a scaled figure of her soon.

Probably my most awaited scale figure of the year, GSC’s 1/8 scaled Madoka-chan will also be getting a 2011 release. I’m hoping that GSC doesn’t delay her release as my mouth is just frothing and my hands are ready to just hand over my wallet to get her. Of course, the inclusion of my favorite troll familiar, Kyubey, makes the package all the more sweeter.

Sanada Yukimura aka Uke-mura of Sengoku BASARA fame will also be getting the Nendoroid treatment. It will be released this December along with the rerelease of Date Masamune’s Nendoroid. I’m sure many fujoshi friends of mine will be delighted to hear this. I sure do hope they don’t put their Nendoroids in lasciviously scandalous poses though.

Speed demon and eternal game icon, Sonic, will also be getting a much deserved Nendoroid treatment to be released this December. Being a character with a naturally big head, Sonic looks quite awesome as a Nendoroid, right?

To Love-RU fans will have a field day as fan favorite Konjiki no Yami will also be getting the Nendoroid treatment. Like some other characters before her (Chiaki Minami comes to mind), her popularity among fans prompted GSC to release her before major characters Lala and Haruna. Yami comes to you this December 2011.

After the announcement of Nendoroid Elsea’s imminent release, GSC will also be releasing her sempai, the tsundere Haqua this year. While Haqua was not featured much in the anime, most of the Kami Nomi manga-reading faithful probably know more about her as some friends of mine are more excited for her than even Elsea. Of course, like Elsea, she comes with the signature raiment and her signature scythe. She absorbs your loose soul this December.

Surprise hit Ikoku Meiro no Croisee’s Yune will also be making her Nendoroid debut this year. Unlike other Nendoroids that have simpler patterns on their clothes, the intricate flower detail on Yune is just astounding. Her large, bright and cheerful eyes are also replicated beautifully. She’s just so pretty ^^

Images taken from Hobby Stock Blog.


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