Portfolio: Kotobukiya Milfeulle Sakuraba

The early years of the first decade of the new millennium were home to some of the most memorable years of my otaku life. Back then, the thought of downloading anime over the internet was foreign to most due to the fact that the Philippines was very slow in adopting broadband during those years. As such, I watched my anime through cable TV channels such as AXN and later on, Animax. Until now, some of my fondest memories of watching anime were from watching those channels. One of my favorites back then was Galaxy Angel. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what current show it would be closest to (probably something like Nichijou or Arakawa Under The Bridge due to the short episodic nature of the skits) but it was quite a fun watch. It was so fun that it spawned an entire franchise around it (one could say that the anime was actually a spawn of the original PC game) which included 4 anime seasons! Imagine that. It’s already hard to find anime these days which have sequels, but to have 4 seasons is a testament to the attractiveness of the franchise. The fact that the main heroines were easy and pleasing to the eye also contributed to its popularity. Sadly, being a relatively old series, very few figures of the 5 heroines were ever made. So far, the best ones that actually look like the character designs in the anime were the ones made by Kotobukiya waaaaay back in 2004. Milfeulle, the lead character, was my favorite and so when I found out that they actually made Galaxy Angel figures, I searched high and low for affordable sources over the ‘net (apart from being old, they’re also quite pricey in some places). Luckily, Milfeulle appeared in the ever reliable Mandarake Online Shop one day for a ridiculously low price of 2000 yen. The rest, as they say, is haulage history.

4 thoughts on “Portfolio: Kotobukiya Milfeulle Sakuraba

    • Kotobukiya actually completed all 5 of them. I think Mint also had a figure made by Daiki Kougyo if I remember right. As for Vanilla, she’s surprisingly still available on HLJ for a low price ^^

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