Quick Review: Max Factory Figma Kuroi Mato

One Yet Different
And here’s another quick review, this time, it’s the human identity of Black Rock Shooter (at least, in the OVA that is XD), Kuroi Mato!

Being a schoolgirl, it’s pretty much simple in all sense in terms of the outfit, but the execution is quite clean; there aren’t any rough lining as how figma BRS was made, and the joints (except for the skin joints) are well hidden and I also do not see any breaking problems for her joints (since BRS reportedly had an ab crunch joint breakage though I didn’t have any problem with mine ^^). A really major improvement on Mato is that her skirt, still being made of soft material like most (not all) figmas, the skirt now has a splitting gimmick in between on both sides, thus, allowing people to actually make Mato SIT! (practically a lot of previous figmas cannot do this) and this is a big plus for me, so, kudos to Max Factory for this major improvement >:3
Max Factory Figma Ex 006: Kuroi MatoAccessory wise Mato comes with probably everything you saw in the OVA with the exception of her bicycle. She comes with a basketball, a hand holding her blue phone (both of which right hand only though), a schoolbag with a matching basketball keychain for detail and a pair of extra “feet” which switched her rubber shoes into a pair of house school slippers (thanks to Imouto-chan for clearing it up) You might want to check her hand sets holder immediately once you buy one since her unique hand (the one for the basketball) is attached there meaning you won’t see it in the box window; this is so that you can immediately avoid QC issues if you’re unlucky enough to get hit by it.
Max Factory Figma Ex 006: Kuroi MatoMax Factory Figma Ex 006: Kuroi Mato

As for faceplates, she comes with a very very cheerful expression (perfect once Yomi’s here as well :3) and a very scheming looking smirk that hits the spot for me since it’s very rare for figmas to actually have fun faces and it’s only this time again that I saw one since figma Reimu was made XD
Max Factory Figma Ex 006: Kuroi Mato
Max Factory Figma Ex 006: Kuroi MatoOverall, Mato still has the same range of motion as major figmas with the addition of her ball jointed pig tails :3 But still overall, pretty impressive and is I think worth it as a WF exclusive item since the sitting factor really won it for me. XD And seriously, Mato is an excellent troll of a figma! :D

Mato Trollin'I feel sorry for Sharo but her face is just perfect for Mato’s trollin’ XDD

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