*UPDATED* Vote Your Pick For The New Face Of Team Onii-chan!!!

In order to have a better representation of Team Onii-chan!,  we finally decided to have a mascot who will be the face of the group. To decide on who our mascot shall be, we had a contest where our members designed characters they deemed fit the character of the entire group. The entire screening process culminates here! Vote for your pick as the new face of Team Onii-chan! Voting will end August 8, 6:00pm (GMT+8) and we will be posting the result here as soon as the tally is finished.

As we are aware of the fact that the majority of our members are not talented art-wise, we’ve decided to allow the use of an anime graphic generating program in order to motivate all our members to submit an entry. This is the reason why some of the entries are almost identical to one another. Please take note that what we’re after in this mascot-making contest is the originality of the character design and not the art style itself.

The winning entry will be completely redrawn by our official artist for some final adjustments which will fit the team’s interest before releasing the official mascot which will be used for advertisements and such.

Derogatory comments will not be permitted. Any comments seen or deemed of such nature will be blocked.

The poll question is located on the lowest part of this page to encourage everyone to browse through all of the entries. Only a maximum of 1 choice will be allowed. Due to suspected multiple votes in the poll held earlier we’ve decided to revise the voting process. Please browse through all the entries first. The new rules are found at the bottom of the page.

ENTRY #1: Asahi

Asahi or A-chan is a servant-ed student(butler). She has many fans in the upper-ed section, and is mistaken to be a guy, but is actually a cross-dressing girl (because of a strict father “AIexander”, who told her to graduate as a man). She is always worried about her real gender getting exposed, mistaken conception that she is a guy (mostly because she is flat-chested) and rather cold to the others. Receives love letters and confessions on a daily basis by male and female students alike…
A daughter of a dojo who holds a blackbelt and an heir of a prestigious Company…
Wears a white onepiece when shes in her dormitory and wear glasses during that time only…

ENTRY #2: Midori no Koruba

A 14 yr old kid who has extreme luck, an avid gamer and also an otaku, she could be a tsundere at times but that’s when she feels insecure about something.

ENTRY #5: Mouto-chan

[description to follow]

ENTRY #4:  Rea-chan

A 15 y.o. who works at a local shrine in her hometown and some call her the 2nd coming for their local god. No one actually get close to her romantically because of her yandere nature.

ENTRY #5: Kagake Blaire

A 18 year old genius who works at science laboratory which is disguised as a Otaku shop just like Wasabi Toys. She’s has a tsundere-ish attitude and is always seen with her usual attire. And she’s somewhat teased for her almost ridiculously flat chest. XD

ENTRY #6: Mou-tan

A 5 year old figure collecting prodigy who also has eyes for her onii-chan. She will stop at nothing to get the rarest and best figures, even if she has to result to extreme yandere measures to get them. She likes wearing skimpy clothes to charm her onii-chan and her childish personality never fails to melt the hearts of the people she meets.

ENTRY #7: Onii-chan’s Imouto

After losing to a bet (intentionally) she became onii-chan’s meido and tends to his figures. She always complains as she cleans onii-chans’s figures but deep inside she enjoys serving her onii-chan.

ENTRY #8: Imoutan

Imoutan is the only daughter of a millionaire gadget inventor whose attitude is that of a spoiled, but spiritless rich kid because of her lack of permanent hobby, that is until she met a mysterious (and perverted) guy who refers to himself as “Onii-chan”. He introduced her to the world of anime, manga and figure collecting and since then has lived her life to the fullest as an otaku. Her age is withheld to protect her from lolicons. She’s a proud A-cup and a yandetsundere.

The voting process will now be as such:

1) Go to the Team Onii-chan! Facebook Fan Page and if you haven’t liked it yet, like it first.

2) Go to this photo album. Vote the entries you like best by liking them.. You are only allowed to vote for 3 entries maximum. If you vote more than that, all of your votes will be disqualified.

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