Bandai Gives A(nkh) Hand To Rich People… Literally

Bandai, the great toy farmer who milks with releases like this and this, has now spread its gospel of Trollism to the high end market with its latest announcement. Japan’s largest toy maker (yes, who did you think it was?) will be opening pre-orders for a mechatronic arm of Hino Eiji’s foul-mouthed, flamboyant Greeed sidekick, Ankh, from “Kamen Rider OOO”. What’s even crazier is that the listed price is 13000 yen. One can only imagine who would be crazy enough to buy such an item. Sure, you’ll have probably the most realistic Ankh arm in the world (with movable wrist and finger joints to boot), but can you sleep at night with a freakish arm looking over you and knowing that you just spent a month’s worth of salary for it?

Pre-orders for your very own decapitated Greeed arm will start on August 8, 2011, 4 PM, Japan time at the Premium Bandai Online Shop. Release date will be in April 2012 for the aforementioned staggering price of 13000 yen.

Images taken from Cybergundam Blog.


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