Hobby Stock’s Comeback: New Vocaloid Figures!

Hobby Stock, whose last figure release would date back 2008 decided to once again take venture into making PVC ladies by announcing their latest figures, a total of 6 and all of which came from the Vocaloid series and Hatsune Miku dominated.

 All 6 Vocaloid figure series are numbered accordingly which probably corresponds to their release date. Below are the list of Hobby Stock’s new figures in numbering order, all of which with price and release date unannounced.

First up is this very cute figure rendition of Hatsune Miku which is based from the very cute song Koiiro Byoutou. Being the number 01 from the list, they already released her completed and colored prototype making the fans of the series squee in anticipation. I personally love how they did the glass-like hair and how those capsules look like they’re really floating around Miku. Very promising for their first Vocaloid. Releade schedule is December 2011.

The second figure on their line-up is another cuteness overload based on the song Marukunaru. There’s not much I can say about this one and I’m not a hardcore fan of chibified characters. Although I must say that it’s very incomprehensible (if not outrageous) of Hobby Stock to have chosen this particular song to turn into figure. I have no idea how popular Marukunaru is in Japan but I believe that there are a lot of other Vocaloid choices out there worthy of being turned into a figure. Maybe they wanted to create a unique Vocaloid figure, I dunno. Cute idea anyway. Release schedule is December 2011.

Third on the list is another Hatsune Miku based on LOL -lots of laugh-. As you can see from the reference photo, the ambiance of this version should be “colorful and cheerful” so I’m a little excited about this one even though the song is not my cup of tea. The only thing that concerns me is how they’ll do the face of this figure. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really like Miku’s face from the illustration. Her expression is like the complete opposite of her lively background. Throughout the song there are only a handful of times where I saw the happiness within the character. Inside of my head, she’s singing the song like “I give you lots of love~ (-__-) You give me lots of love~ (-__-)”. I apologize if I offended anyone though, lol. Release schedule for this figure is January 2012.

The fourth one is Hatsune Miku and Rin Kagamine tandem from the song Yume Miru Kotori. I have no idea how they’ll turn this into a figure, but I’m seeing another chibi-ish reference. Very nice song and I think it’s fairly popular. I can’t say the same about the artwork though. It’s…not ugly but I can’t find the right term. Will have to pass on this. Release schedule is February, 2012.

Second to the last from the Vocaloid series is another Miku (surprise!) from the song Travelling Mood which was done by Miku Append and is now one of my personal favorites. Very plain choice for a figure, but I’m hoping to see this soon. Release schedule is March 2012.

Thought there’s gonna be no end to this, but alas! We’re now down to the 6th and last figure from the line-up featuring sexy Hatsune Miku from the song Romeo to Cinderella. The song is one of my all-time Hatsune Miku favorite and this is the only figure from the list that I’m excessively anticipating. I’ll pass on this if they’ll include the arm though, because that would be really creepy lol. Release schedule is April 2012.

Official images taken from Tsuki Board.


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