Emperor Lelouch (Pre)Orders You To Be Fabulous

99th Emperor of Britannia and Eternal Icon of Fabulousness, Lelouch vi Britannia, returns to PVC form in what seems to be his ultimate figure adaptation. Manufactured by MegaHouse, Lelouch is garbed in his now legendary pure white emperor outfit with intricate gold trims that flows beautifully around his unimaginably sexy thin, if anorexic, frame. If the quality of this figure is anywhere close to that of the now mythical Zero figure that MegaHouse released 2 years ago, then this one stands to be a classic as well. Emperor Lelouch also comes with 3 interchangeable faces, one of which has both his eyes each having a Geass, right after he sent his father Norio Charles’ butt down to some void in the World of C. This one’s a sure buy for me. Heck, I’ll like throw a tantrum if I don’t get one. Lelouch flicks his royal wrist this December for a reasonably fabulous price of 8500 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.

5 thoughts on “Emperor Lelouch (Pre)Orders You To Be Fabulous

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