Volunteer Your Figures For Team Onii-chan’s Next Display!

Hi everyone! Team Onii-chan! Figure Display Crew will be having another display at Otaku Expo 2011 on September 3-4 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. The event will is organized by Otakuzine Management and they’ve asked us to manage the anime toy display for the said event. We’re inviting volunteers to lend their figures and join our small, but growing group of Japanese figure enthusiasts. If you’re willing to join us in our upcoming display, just comment below listing your name (or alias), e-mail address and the figure you’ll be lending (preferably newly released figures) and we’ll be contacting you shortly :) Slots are limited so act fast. We hope you’ll be able to join us for our upcoming display.

To all figure volunteers and Team Onii-chan! crew, please read these:
– Reminders for Ingress Otaku Expo 2011
 Figure Display General Rules and Guidelines
Shifting Schedule

For a brief idea about our figure display event set-up, you may refer to our Ozine Fest 2011 display here: LINK 

Current list of all figures for display at Tsuki Board: LINK

Scale Figures *closed* Owner
1. 1/8 MegaHouse Himura Kenshin (Battousai Ver.) Edrell Dy
2. 1/8 Kotobukiya Maxima Patrick Ang
3. 1/8 Kotobukiya Kousaka Kirino Kavin Uy
4. 1/7 Kotobukiya Dark Magician Girl Marcel Quianzon
5. 1/8 Alter Momohime torabeli
6. 1/7 GSC Tohsaka Rin -UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS- Paul Michael
7. 1/8 Alter Dizzy Paul Michael
8. 1/8 Alter Nodocchi Kaycee Medina
9. 1/8 Alter Kinoshita Hideyoshi Alexander Nipal
10. 1/8 Alter Flynn Scifo Ada Jocson
11. 1/8 Alter Yuri Lowell Ada Jocson
12. 1/8 Alter Charlotte E. Yeager Michael Dollosa
13. 1/8 Max Factory Haruka Morishima Ash Cruz
14. 1/8 Tiku Taku Rabbit Reimu Hakurei Edrell Dy
15. 1/8 GSC Racing Miku Augustus Caesar Reyes
16. 1/8 Embrace Japan Diabolus Inclinatus Augustus Caesar Reyes
17. 1/7 Orchid Seed Sonico Bondage Ver. Czarina Geronimo
18. 1/8 Max Factory Hatsune Miku Tony Taka Ver. Adam Nova
19. 1/8 Griffon Enterprises Ibuki Suika Angeline Geronimo
20. (Non-scale) Banpresto Ryuugu Rena Angel Mort ver. Angeline Geronimo
21. (Non-scale) Banpresto Sonozaki Mion Angel Mort ver. Angeline Geronimo
22. 1/8 Kotobukiya Yukari Yakumo Chevreuse
23. 1/8 Ichijinsha/Kotobukiya Aya Shameimaru Chevreuse
24. T.K. Holdings Hanamichi Sakuragi Ash Cruz
25. *GK* Saber Lily Infernal Black Custom Paul Michael
26. *GK* Saber Alter and Sakura (with Berserker base) Paul Michael
27. *GK* Either Kanzaki Kaori Erotic Fallen Angel Ver. or Tomoe Mami Custom Paul Michael
28. 1/10 Kotobukiya Date Masamune Jed Harry Plamio
29. 1/8 MegaHouse Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Ver.) mochaholic
30. 1/8 Alter Houmei torabeli
31. 1/7 GSC Saber Alter -Iron Hammer of Vortigern- Czarina Geronimo
Articulated Figures *closed* Owner
1. figma Hatsune Miku Ash Cruz
2. figma Kuroi Mato Darryll Anton Liza
3. figma Takanashi Yomi Patrick Ang
4. figma Senjougahara Hitagi Jan Paul Acosta
5. figma Araragi Koyomi Jan Paul Acosta
6. figma KOS-MOS Ver. 4 Jan Paul Acosta
7. figma Aya Shameimaru Daryll Anton Liza
8. Revoltech Woody Chris Christ
9. Bandai Composite Ver. KA Haruhi Daryll Anton Liza
10. figma Kousaka Kirino Lan Ventura
11. figma Kuroneko Lan Ventura
12. figma Miyafuji Yoshika Adam Nova
13. figma Strength Patrick Ang
14. figma Makise Kurisu Cleo Jocson
15. figma Metis Jan Paul Acosta
16. figma Black Gold Saw Chris Christ
17. figma Aegis Darryll Anton Liza
18. figma Black★Rock Shooter Kaycee Medina
19. figma Dead Master Jed Harry Plamio
20. figma Drossel Jan Paul Acosta
21. figma Izumi Konata Cosplay Ver. Adam Nova
22. figma Kagamine Len Adam Nova
23. figma Megurine Luka Adam Nova
24. figma Kagamine Rin Edrick Lorea
25. Toynami Uzumaki Naruto John Sayson
26. Toynami Hatake Kakashi John Sayson
27. Toynami Uchiha Itachi John Sayson
28. figma Emiya Shiro Jan Paul Acosta
29. figma Tohsaka Rin (with custom base) Jan Paul Acosta
30. figma Saber Armor Ver. Jan Paul Acosta
31. Custom figma Insane Black★Rock Shooter (with custom base) Jan Paul Acosta
32. S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Black YosukeKobe
33. S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Black RX YosukeKobe
34. S.H.FiguArts Shadow Moon YosukeKobe
35. S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider W Fang Joker YosukeKobe
36. S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Skull Crystal YosukeKobe
37. S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDol Combo YosukeKobe
Nendoroid (and other similarly sized figures) *closed* Owner
1. Hatsune Miku Support Version Patrick Ang
2. Airi Patrick Ang
3. Yuyuko Saigyouji Patrick Ang
4. Kuroneko Kavin Kyle Uy
5. Kirino Kousaka Kavin Kyle Uy
6. Date Masamune Kavin Kyle Uy
7. Strength Kavin Kyle Uy
8. Black Gold Saw Kavin Kyle Uy
9. Makise Kurisu Alexander Nipal
10. Makise Kurisu White Coat Ver. Alexander Nipal
11. Kinoshita Hideyoshi Alexander Nipal
12. Snow Miku -Playtime Edition- Alexander Nipal
13. Sherlock Shellingford Exclusive Ver. Alexander Nipal
14. Sendou Erika Alexander Nipal
15. Moritaka Mashiro Annie Ong
16. Takagi Akito Annie Ong
17. Archbishop Marvin Roye Bautista
18. Katsura Hinagiku Abiel Paltao
19. Black★Rock Shooter Abiel Paltao
20. Dead Master Abiel Paltao
21. Remilia Scarlet Ada Jocson
22. Youmu Konpaku
23. Flandre Scarlet Dianne Chua
24. Reimu Hakurei Augustus Caesar Reyes
25. Hatsune Miku HMO Ver. Augustus Caesar Reyes
26. Saber Super Moveable Ver. Augustus Caesar Reyes
27. Yoko Kavin Kyle Uy
28. Nagi Sanzenin Faye Avilla
29. Hayate Ayasaki Faye Avilla
30. Ciel Phantomhive Glen Saison
31. Sebastian Michaelis Angeline HADLANG Geronimo
32. Amano Tooko Czarina Geronimo
33. Raspberyl Ada Jocson
34. Churuya-san Ada Jocson
35. FuRyu Heiwajima Shizuo – Deformed Figure mochaholic
36. FuRyu Orihara Izaya – Deformed Figure mochaholic
37. Izayoi Sakuya Chevreuse
38. Kochiya Sanae Chevreuse
39. Kadokawa Eucliwood Hellscythe Niitengo mochaholic
40. Banpresto Deformation Maniac Fullmetal Alchemist Ninjovee
Nendoroid Petit (and other similarly sized figures) *closed* Owner
1. Nendoroid Petit Mato and Yomi Michael Dollosa
2. Nendoroid Petit BRS and DM Michael Dollosa
3. Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Set 1 TeePee Suan
4. Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Set 2 TeePee Suan
5. Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Set 3 TeePee Suan
6. Nendoroid Petit Touwa Erio mochaholic
Props/Misc. *closed* Owner
1. KitKat Bench x 3 Jan Paul Acosta
2. Wooden Dining Set and Rocking Chair TeePee Suan



112 thoughts on “Volunteer Your Figures For Team Onii-chan’s Next Display!

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  4. Got here through a comment from Kettenkrad in MFC :)

    If there are still slots, I am willing to lend my Banpresto Deformation Maniac FMA figures (Ed, Al, Roy and Riza). I don’t think I can get to the ingress on time though because I work in Makati and get out at 6pm ^^;

    You can use Ninjovee as my alias and email is ninjovee[at]gmail[dot]com :)

  5. Hello, received a pm on myfigurecollection. I’d like to volunteer my Nendos Izayoi Sakuya and Kochiya Sanae, and my 1/8 Yukari and Aya Kotobukiya for display.

    • Hi there! I was the one who invited your at tsuki board. Never expected that you’ll be willing to lend your Koto 1/8 Aya. Looking forward to seeing it in actual since I’ve been wanting that figure since I saw a few reviews about her awesomeness. Also, hooray for Yukari! :D

      Btw, can we get your real name/alias so we can put it on the display list?

  6. If there’s room and interest, I can lend the following:
    1/8 MegaHouse Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Ver.)
    FuRyu Durarara!! – Shizuo Heiwajima – Deformed Figure
    FuRyu Durarara!! – Orihara Izaya – Deformed Figure

    Also, if these arrive in time:
    Nendoroid Petit Touwa Erio
    Nendoroid Petit FFF

    I have these if backups are needed:
    1/8 MegaHouse Himura Kenshin (Battousai Ver.)
    Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Support Version
    Nendoroid Date Masamune

    Not sure if I can make it for the ingress or egress. Let me know.

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  8. I can lend the following:
    * unlimited bladeworks figma base (with shiro and rin) + anyone in the fate stay night figma lineup
    * Custom Insane Black ★ Rock Shooter with black and white tiled base
    * Figma Metis
    * Revoltech Jehuty
    * Figma Drossel
    * 3 Kitkat benches

        • I don’t have access to modify the post so I’ll just list the Gks here:

          1. Saber Lily Infernal Black custom
          2. Dark Saber and Sakura (with Berserker base)
          3. Kanzaki Kaori (Erotic Fallen Angel ver) OR Tomoe Mami custom (If I finish her before the ingress date).

          • @Cza: Lol!
            @Ash: Hehe I’ll try my best na umabot cya sa event :)
            Here’s the list. Thanks!

            1. Saber Lily Infernal Black custom – T’s System
            2. Dark Saber and Sakura (with Berserker base) – Principality of Kagutsuchino
            3. Kanzaki Kaori (Erotic Fallen Angel ver) – MakePlus

            OR Tomoe Mami custom (If I finish her before the ingress date).
            The original kit was released by Cerberus Project.

  9. hmmmmm since more glass cabs, can i lend the following:
    -1/7 max factory xecty swimsuit
    -tnon scale tk holdings sakuragi,
    -1/8 belldandy koto (everyone has wings version)
    -any of my 2 reis (1/6 koto or 1/8 alter??)

    if you want my haruhi and ikki tousen figmas again, that would be great…. :))

  10. Willing to volunteer my
    – Figma Miyafuji Yoshika
    – Figma Konata cosplay ver.
    – Figma Len Kagamine (since Rin is there)
    – Figma Luka Megurine (to complete the vocaloids) ^_^

    it’s really hard to decide on what to volunteer since there’s so few slots.

  11. hey is there anyone selling any nendoroid of figma’s?
    because this thing can be a good way for anime fans to be able to buy stuff easyer and more convenient
    so is there any?

  12. I’d like to place the following up for Display (lend) if no one is taking it’s place.
    Figma Kuroneko
    Figma Kousaka Kirino

    Hatsune Miku HMO Ver.
    Saber FA Ver.
    Hakurei Reimu

    GSC 1/8 Racing Miku
    Diabolus Inclinatus : Curved Horned Demon

    If Diabolus Inclinatus which is currently in-transit from Amiami arrives on time then I will put her up for “lend” on the event. I still have figma K-ONs but i think it’s best that someone else brings them. If no one would then i’d include them but for now i’d let the others display their items as well.

    • someone just beat you by a minute for the figma kirino and kuroneko slots. the nendoroids and your scale figures we shall be including in the display. thanks :)

  13. Does the “-” under owner for rows that have the figure name filled out mean that you want to display that, but no one has expressed willingness to lend yet?

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