GSC Apologizes For Screwing Up Shipping Cheerful Miku Nendoroid

Top anime figure company Good Smile Company recently announced a very unfortunate circumstance regarding the shipment of their Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Cheerful Version. Along with it comes their sincere apology to their customers who’ve been victimized hit with misfortune by their erroneous shipping management.

The said letter can be found here: [LINK]
To those of you who can’t access the site for whatever reason, here’s the exact content of their letter entitled “Official Apology Regarding the Shipment of Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Cheerful Ver.”:

“We have received many reports that Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Cheerful (Support) Ver. has not been reaching its destination in the time specified, even though it was shipped in July 2011. 

After some investigation, it was found that this was due to an error in the method used for shipping. While all products were supposed to be shipped via Express Mail Service (EMS), they were accidentally sent via surface mail. While EMS generally takes approximately 10 days to reach its destination, surface mail takes approximately three months. We wish to extend our apologies to everyone who ordered the figure, there is no excuse for the error we have made. 

All international orders were charged 2000 JP Yen for EMS delivery, but were sent via surface mail. We will be refunding the 2000 JP Yen shipping fee to all customers who placed an order for the figure from overseas. If you paid for your order with a credit card, we will be refunding the amount directly to the account linked to your card. If you paid using Paypal, we will be sending a 2000 JP Yen refund to your Paypal account. The refunds will start from the 11th August 2011 and should be complete within a few days. 

As of the 10th August, we have confirmed that the surface mail packages have started to arrive at the following countries: 

China (Mainland) 
Hong Kong 

Other countries may have to wait until mid-October before the packages start to arrive. Having to wait for a figure you expected much earlier is certainly not a pleasant experience, and once again we cannot apologize enough for the careless error on our part. As soon as we hear word that other countries have received their packages, we will update the website noting which countries have received them.

In the case that your figure has been damaged due to the long surface mail delivery, we will gladly replace it for you. Simply contact customer support and we will organize a replacement to be sent to you. 

Furthermore, we promise that future shipping from the GSC Online Shop will always be via EMS. We hope that this incident will not prevent you from ordering from us in the future, and that you will have many pleasant transactions with the GSC Online Shop in the future. 

Good Smile Company Online Shop Customer Support. 

If you wish to contact the GSC Support team regarding this matter, please use one of the following: 
Contact Form: 

It’s a good thing that we (The Philippines) missed their faulty shipping, but I’m still puzzled on how the hell that happened. EMS is the only available shipping method in their online shop as far as I know and their shipping fee is a flat rate of Y2000 on all their merchandise. Likewise, I believe it’s their SOP with regards to shipping policy that they can only ship the items via EMS (which is why I don’t order from them). Never mind that their quality control sucks a lot on a few (and repeated) occasions, but they don’t even offer any other shipping method aside from EMS for them to fail like that. More importantly, it’s not like this is their first time opening their online shop and ship orders to their clients.

Personally, I’d be terribly pissed off if this shipping failure happened to me. Yes, they refunded the shipping fee of Y2000 to those affected but you can’t put a price on 1-3 months worth of waiting. Also, what if a client or two bought the Nendoroid as a gift to their special someone and then learned the awful truth about what happened?

I hope this kind of thing will never happen again to GSC. If they can’t afford to offer good quality figures at all times to their customers, they should at least keep good quality service.

To sum up everything, troll Gumako is trolling.

Via Tsuki Board.


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