Madoka PSP Game Bundled With Exclusive figma *rage*

The Madoka franchise continues to make contracts with figure otaku worldwide with the latest rage-inducing announcement of a Madoka PSP game entitled, “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable” in the works. While a PSP game alone, which by the way is a “3D action dungeon adventure turn-based game,” would not even budge average toy collectors, the fact that an exclusive figma of Kaname Madoka in her school uniform is included will raise blood pressures and send them into violent convulsions. To be released on March 15, 2012, the limited edition bundle will retail for an unholy 11900 yen. Included in the bundle are:

  • figma Kaname Madoka ~School Uniform Ver.~ (Kyubey included)
  • Special image recording BD
  • Homu Homu handkerchief
  • Illustration collection
  • Kyubey pouch
  • Special clear card
  • Limited Edition box
Of course you can also opt to get the regular edition for 6480 yen, but you don’t get any of the goodies above. Somewhere out there, the thought of new contracts must make Kyubey smile right now.

4 thoughts on “Madoka PSP Game Bundled With Exclusive figma *rage*

  1. you beat me to posting this hahaha(saw this announcement way before but no pictures to use X3)

    still not sure if I’ll get this one because figma madoka school unform ver isn’t really getting into me(probably because she’s not white enough haha)

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