Figure Makers Raid Comiket 80, QB Sighted Making Contracts

Comiket, once the bastion of doujin-fanatics, has now been invaded by figure manufacturers looking to make a quick buck (or two), with new and not so new figures on display. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the event featured lots of Madoka, and lots more of lovable demon, QB.

Banpresto was at the event promoting the new “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable” PSP game, which meant that all the added accessories to their limited edition bundle was also on display. figma Madoka School Uniform Ver. was there and in my opinion, she looks much better than her figma in Mahou Shoujo clothes.

Volks was present showcasing their new garage kits and to a lesser extent, their ridiculously inconsistent (not to mention expensive) MOEkore PVC line. While most of the stuff were just rehashes from Wonder Festival, one new entrant was their PVC prototype of eyepatch-wearing, pantsu-less Major Sakamoto Mio of lolicopter anime, Strike Witches 2. Compared to Alter’s version, this one looks more dynamic but quality-wise, I wouldn’t bet against Alter (and neither should you).

Surprisingly, Bandai was also at the event touting their Composite Ver. KA Fei-Yen of Virtual-On fame, in a Hatsune Miku armor. I’m not sure what Bandai was smoking the day they planned on making one of these even though it certainly is original, albeit a bit (very) off-putting. I’m not sold on this by a long shot, but I’m sure Miku’s denizen of fans won’t mind snagging one up and cursing me at the same time.

GSC also displayed their much-hyped (remember Hayakawa Yuzuko? that one was too, but eventually fizzled out) figure of Lacia from the novel, “Beatless.” However, what caught my eye was their plan to make more figures from the budding franchise. Here’s to GSC for boldly promoting their new, untested material even after they’ve experienced one or two setbacks with previous marketing efforts (I’m looking at you Peppermint Yuzuko). But then again, these were the same guys that took the embarrassingly mediocre plot of BRS and created a multimillion dollar industry around it.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without the now obligatory Kyubey appearance of which the event certainly delivered. DAT POUCH.

Images taken from Akibahobby.


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