Tamashii Festival 2011 Brings S.H.FiguArts Carnage To Hong Kong, Japan Hibernates

In what has been a slow week for Japanese figure collectors due to the Obon holidays (in short: break time for everyone), Bandai has seemingly been the Energizer Bunny of the manufacturer bunch and brought its money-hogging carnival to Hong Kong, and of course the tokusatsu line of S.H.FiguArts was in full force as always.

Following the releases of Showa-design Kamen Rider 1 and 2 (which look awesome btw), V3 is the next to receive the S.H.FiguArts treatment, this time in his brighter and less armor-ish, Showa design. Personally, I prefer the Showa designs over the bulkier THE NEXT designs, but to each his own. As for what these Showa releases mean, well look for more of the Showa riders to come out I guess? (Amazon will be coming out next month)

Feeling the heat after Medicom and Max Factory released figmas of the Ryuki riders under the “Common Rider” Dragon Knight name, Bandai comes swinging back with their own versions, this time under the more acceptable “Ryuki” title. Considering the S.H.FiguArts line has almost unmatched quality in the world of articulated figures (yes, even with the shittier ankles now), I’m sure Bandai’s looking to one-up their competitors. Let’s hope their Zolda also comes with his big-ass cannon.

Who’s betting against Bandai releasing all 13 Ryuki riders? I know I’m not. Ouja will be released this December for 3000 yen. Look for the others to come out next year and knowing Bandai, don’t be surprised if Ryuki and Knight also get released in their Survive forms.

Kamen Rider 555 is one of the best Heisei series save for the crap ending, and Bandai’s showing more love to it by what else? Releasing more toys for it! The grunt Riotrooper will be out this October whereas arguably the greatest troll bastard in Rider history, Kaixa, will be coming out in November. Oh I’m also pretty sure that Delta, Orga and Psyga are in Bandai’s hell pit right now currently being planned for release as well.

To no surprise, Gokai Pink will be joining her fellow space pirates in FiguArts form and to much disappointed will be following Gokai Yellow as the next Tamashii Web exclusive Gokaiger. She’s slated for a December release for 3500 yen. Expect her to come with a piece of the Gokai-Oh cockpit like all the others. Is it just me or is Pink’s body proportions looking better than Yellow’s? (not their 3D counterparts)

Gokai Silver, the flamboyant Super Sentai fan boy who looks like he came out of Poseidon’s womb, is also due for a FiguArts release. Bandai’s coming up with all these releases like it’s a horse race and consumers have no choice but to keep up. Anyways, not much info on this one yet, but don’t be surprised to see him as an exclusive release with his super fugly Gold Mode armor (if you thought Decade Complete was ugly, Silver in Gold Mode looks downright horrendous).

I feel sorry for Goseiger. If I had to describe it. It’s that kid who was unfortunate to have followed an awesome brother and even more unfortunate to have been born before a child prodigy. I can’t say much about it as a show but from what I’ve heard, it was a downer. However, one of the bright spots seems to be the sixth ranger, Gosei Knight, as Bandai leapt past even Gosei Red, the leader, for him. I have a couple of friends who are absolutely ecstatic about this release so I guess he must be pretty popular?

In what is a surprise move, a release of Shinken Red’s rival, Fuwa Juzou, has also been planned for release. We’ve seen Riders whose foes have been made into FiguArts (e.g. the Dopants from W, Daguva from Kuuga, etc.), but this is the first time that a Super Sentai villain’s being made into one. As for the figure itself, I have to say that the detail on this is ridiculously great. Given the grotesque designs that enemies have, it’s understandable that from a design point, they’d have the upper hand, but you have to give it to Bandai for pulling it off.

Images taken from Cybergundam.


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