GSC Unveils Lat-type Ver. Miku, Fulfills Megane Lovers Wishes

Mikatan Blog just returned from a relaxing weekend of obscurity to unveil the soon to be released Hatsune Miku Lat-type Ver., leaving us to wonder what this latest news will do to figure collectors whose already destitute lifestyles put even the economic crisis to shame. The new Miku figure based on a popular 3D model from MikuMikuDance will have a bevy of accessories included such as 2 pairs of glasses (which can also be used for Nendoroid Petits), 2 bases (one of which matches with the base of the original GSC Miku) and 2 microphones (one metallic, one black). As for the figure itself, it stays true to the GSC Miku tradition of being unabashedly moe, with proportions leaning less to anatomical correctness but more to extract shrieks of “kawaii~~” from die-hard Miku fans. Lat-type Ver. Miku will be released on August 18, 2011 for the comparatively affordable price of 5500 yen.


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