Bubbly CharaGumin Lime Pops Bubbles Of Excitement, GK Only

Volks once again stubbornly refuses to yield to the incessant wailing of PVC figure collectors by releasing the fan-favorite classic character, Lime, of the “Saber Marionette J” franchise as a CharaGumin garage kit. The CharaGumin property is a new trend being pushed by the aforementioned garage kit loyalists where the resin parts are pre-painted so beginners can simply glue the pieces together and apply the decals to complete it. Of course, advanced kit builders can also opt to repaint the parts to their liking for a much better finish.

There will be two versions of the CharaGumin kit; one with Lime wearing her signature bandanna and the other, which will be a limited *collective groans* edition features her without it. Personally, the regular version looks more attractive but all this wanting will all go for naught as PVC collectors are once again left in the dust with Volks offering sweet words of discouragement…

Though those words can clearly be disputed, PVC collectors can take solace in the fact that Volks PVC releases have historically been committing the 2 mortal sins of overpricing and underachieving. For those who are inclined to building this envy-inducing 1/7 scaled GK, Lime has already been released and a re-release is scheduled this August for a devilish price of 12600 yen.

Images taken from GA Graphic.

3 thoughts on “Bubbly CharaGumin Lime Pops Bubbles Of Excitement, GK Only

  1. Wow… I want one, but I don’t know how to get one… I’ve been a long time fan of SMJ, but during that time (some 14 years ago) anime products outside Japan was almost non existent. It would be nice if I could get my hands on one… Thanks for this post though I found out about it nearly one year late (T_T)

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