Otaku Expo 2011 Event Programs and Guidelines

Otaku Expo 2011 is barely 2 weeks away. To those of you who need information about the event programs and general guidelines of the various contests regarding this anime, cosplay, and toy convention, feel free to read this post for more info.

(Volunteering for the Figure Display Event is still open with a few open slots left, so if you’re into anime toy collecting and you want to showcase a figure or two for an event, please go this page: LINK)

Click the images to view high-resolution file. All images taken from Ozine Events Official Tumblr.

Otaku Expo 2011 Event Guidelines
Individual Cosplay Contest
Group Cosplay Contest
Battle of the Bands
Karaoke contest
Individual Art Contest
Groupl Art Contest
Indie Artist Booth
K-POP Dance Contest

2 thoughts on “Otaku Expo 2011 Event Programs and Guidelines

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