“Persona 4″ – Anime Announced

Remember the PS2 game Persona 4? Apparently, there’s a 24-episode anime that will be aired starting this October. The series will be animated by AIC ASTA — directed by Kishi Seiji. What’s even better is that the original voice cast of the game will repeat their roles in the anime.

I have high hopes for this since I played the game and even wrote a walkthrough for it. You can visit the official website or even watch the trailers in Youtube. Even the soundtrack is fantastic!

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Vhayste is a Filipino game walkthrough writer who's a fan of RPG games, shooters, strategy and adventure games. His works can be found on major gaming sites such as IGN, Supercheats, Gamefaqs, Neoseeker, etc. He is also an amateur garage kit modeler and a fond collector of PVC figures. He's into mechs (though he shied away from building gunplas), cars, fighter planes, history, astronomy, paleontology, general science, dogs, pasta, rootbeer and of course, chicks.

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