Max Factory figma Homura Preview!

One of the most awaited characters in the figma line, badass tank truck manipulator Akemi Homura is given an early preview, courtesy of Hobby Stock.

While the figma of titular character Kaname Madoka disappoints in some aspects, figma Homura on the other hand is as flawless as its advertisement photos.

Take note how Max Factory placed the shoulder joints well enough to hide them under her huge collar. The small accessories on her outfit such as the ribbons in her front and back as well as the Soul Gem on her right hand turned out very nice.

Her main weapon which is the shield/time freezer and her pistol (is that an M9?) was also done well. I do hope that they remain that way in the mass-produced version. The only thing that I don’t like about this figma is the ugly connection of her front hairpiece and back hair joints, but I guess there’s no other way that they can do that without the seam line or is there?

Speaking of the hair, they changed timid Homura’s pigtails, promptly following the official illustration.

figma Akemi Homura is set to released November 2011 at Y3048.


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