Max Factory figma Kuroneko Seitenshi (Holy Angel) Kamineko Ver. Previews

My favorite character from Ore no Imouto will have another figma version… The Gothic girl will become an angel, and I’m sure many figma fans won’t be disappointed with this one…

Notice the wings??? She’s so cute with her white and pink outfit (she usually wears black/dark violet clothes)..

Of course Kuroneko is not Kuroneko without her tsundereness…. :))

…also this figure comes with accessories such as a mask, basket and a book. I hope Max Factory will add more.

An innocent face and closed eyes face plate definitely made this figure a winner. I also noticed that ribbons are all over her. She looks like she’s in a magical girl uniform but still Gokou Ruri is so kawaiiiii :)

Kuroneko – Kamineko will be released in February 2012 as a Dengeki Online exclusive by Max Factory for 3,200 Yen.


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