New Rurouni Kenshin Anime An OVA, Shishio Rises From Hell

In what has got to be the most disappointing 15th anniversary celebration yet, the Rurouni Kenshin franchise, once thought to receive another spectacular TV anime adaptation, will only get a pitifully measly 2 part original video animation (OVA), inciting moans and groans from once eager fans now turned bitter rioters.

Moreover, the OVA will be a Shin Kyoto-hen (New Kyoto Arc) retelling instead of the more anticipated and just begging to be animated, Jinchuu-hen. Why producers of the anime decided to revive maniacal mummy Shishio remains a mystery but needless to say, another sitting of shoulder biting and matchbox gloves does not sound appetizing. Character designs also look a bit more… feminine, which may cater more to rabid, uncontrollable fujoshi but may alienate hot-blooded males looking for blood and guts. The first part will also be showed in Japanese theaters in December. Kazuhiro Furuhashi returns to direct the new anime while Studio DEEN remains the animation studio. Noriyuki Asakura will be bringing back his musical expertise as composer. All seiyu from the original TV anime return except that of Saitoh’s who will be played by Ken Narita.

Mayo Suzukaze —– Kenshin Himura
Miki Fujitani —– Kaoru Kamiya
Miina Tominaga —– Yahiko Myoujin
Yuji Ueda —– Sanosuke Sagara
Tomo Sakurai —– Misao Makimachi
Yoshito Yasuhara —– Aoshi Shinomori
Masanori Ikeda —– Makoto Shishio
Ken Narita —– Hajime Saitoh


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