Meet Team Onii-chan’s New Mascot!!!

After the proverbial smoke has cleared and the votes have been counted, the conclusion to the somewhat competitive mascot-drawing contest to determine the almighty 2D goddess of Team Onii-chan! has been settled. The new diva and eternal symbol of our budding team of addicted figure collectors is none other than kettenkrad‘s spectacularly drawn entry, Imoutan!!! As the new face of Team Onii-chan!, Imoutan will be appearing in most, if not all, of our promotional materials and special projects. There are also plans for more artistic depictions of her and some short comic strips featuring her escapades in the unforgiving world of figure collecting, so stay tuned :) Meanwhile, check out some sketches made by the impossibly gifted kettenkrad of our new mascot below.

Don’t forget the Nendoroid version :D


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