Pre-orders Are Now Open For Griffon Enterprises 1/8 Hinanai Tenshi!

Thoughtless Not-so-Thoughtless Daughter of the Boring Bhavagra, Hinanai Tenshi, is finally receiving the spotlight from Griffon Enterprises as their latest Touhou Project figure release after they showed her eagerly awaited prototype not more than 3 weeks ago. 

Hinanai Tenshi is the type of character you’ll either hate or love after reaching the final stage of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody 10.5. In my case, I got pissed off with her reasoning at first but for some reason I got drawn to that I’ll-make-trouble-just-because-I-feel-like-it-and-because-I’m-bored attitude and so she became a favorite of mine (along with Yukari, troll pair lol).

Griffon Enterprises is known for screwing up a few Touhou characters because of their bad facial sculpts, but they nailed Hinanai’s malicious aura this time.

They also did an exceptional job with her Sword of Hisou which was something that could’ve been done as a simple standstill sword but they went on with the flaming version.

The overall color scheme of this figure is also worth noticing, especially the highlights on her hair and the brilliance of those hanging rainbow accessories on on her dress. The only part which lacked enough color are the peaches on her hat.

She’s now available for pre-order and is due to be released late November 2011 at Y7600.

You can check out her glory in the rest of the gallery.

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