Alter’s Naoe Makes Your Savings Flatter Than Her Chest

Incessantly noisy and supremely annoying pettanko samurai, Kanetsugu Naoe, from ink-splattering breast-fest anime, “Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls,” will finally be getting her much awaited 1/8 scale figure to be made by Alter. As with all of Alter’s much celebrated lineup of girls from the same ridiculous failure of a series, Naoe is meticulously detailed and brimming with the superior build quality people have come to expect from said company. I can’t say the same about the iffy facial sculpt, but from the petal decals on her stockings to the insanely colossal hammer she wields, which quite frankly is much more of a spectacle than Naoe herself, it’s obvious that this isn’t one of those god awful figures released for the sake of releasing a figure. Thankfully, Naoe’s also a regular release so you can hammer her down to your PayPal account in a heartbeat. She’s due for a January 2012 release for a reasonably priced 8800 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.

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