Mikatan is having a preview storm once again. After showing us some Nendoroids, she now previews a figma. The new figma she’s previewing is BRSB or Black Rock Shooter BEAST. BRSB is different from the titular Black Rock Shooter in terms of weapons and looks.

And still however you slice, she can still pass as a Monster Hunter character. But nonetheless, this figma is truly a wonder. Her BRS Blade has a really nice pattern and writings on it, which many will like and many will go and spend to get. This will be a hefty purchase of 6800 yen with huke’s 1st art book entitled “BLK”. But for those looking for huke’s book only and not the figma, you can get it for a still high price of 3200 yen. The art book is already a good deal with many of huke’s works and they’re really good. She can be yours, figma and all, in January 2012.

One thought on “BRSB in BLK

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