Ichiban Kuji BakaTest Gives You A Hideyoshi For X’mas

Stolen promotional shots found on Japanese image board, 2chan, reveal prize figure maker Banpresto’s plans to roll out an Ichiban Kuji lottery for hit anime, “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu,” which includes yet another figure of delightfully delicious trap and main attraction, Hideyoshi. Apart from the mentioned Hideyoshi figure, a figure of busty air-head genius Mizuki Himeji will also be part of the lottery, making sure that worshippers of juicy bouncing appendages also get their perverted fill. Curiously though, the more celebrated charms of Hideyoshi were relegated to prize B status with Banpresto opting to promote the less popular Himeji as their prize A. The lottery will be held in December 2011 and each ticket will cost 600 yen, at least for Japan residents. Unlucky gaijin will have to shell out more to acquire them from notoriously cutthroat and merciless proxies.


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