Oh Madoka, How I Love Thy Wide Face, Nendoroid Release Tomorrow

Mikatan Blog, which has apparently turned into every figure otaku’s favorite stalking ground, has unthinkably made me reach the Olympian apex of unbridled bliss with its latest photos of the soon to be released Nendoroid Kaname Madoka. I’ll admit that I usually have no love or even a speck of emotional attachment for Nendoroids but seeing that immaculately pure wide face of Madoka just made my heart melt faster than ice cream in a furnace. She comes with 3 face plates, but the one that really steals the show is that wide smile of hers’ which makes me wanna hug and cuddle her like my almost decapitated teddy bear. Of course, seeing my favorite Faustian familiar, QB, sweetens the already sweet Madoka even more. This kindhearted and insanely magical goddess will spread joy to me and your home tomorrow. I’d expect a lot of Witches to appear as well due to the overwhelming grief of many who didn’t order her.


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