Hobby Japan Marisa Needs A Plastic Surgeon, Looks Like An Ogre

Hobby Japan just unveiled the latest colored prototype shots for their 1/8 scale figure of sparkling Western magical witch, Marisa Kirisame, of bitchy deity game franchise, “Touhou Project.” Unlike their highly exceptional figure of armpit-moe shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei, Hobby Japan’s Marisa seems to be in need of extensive facial reconstruction as her PVC incarnation seems to have been involved in a horrendous car crash as opposed to the more palatable garage kit version it was based from as seen below.


Whatever made Hobby Japan accept the horrific face more reminiscent of a cross-dressing Gremlin than Marisa herself is up for debate. One cannot help but feel sorry for the positives that this figure possesses, most notably the shining, shimmering and fabulous tail end of her zooming broom, that were instantaneously brought to naught by the hideous portrait. Add to the fact that this boorish excuse for an exclusive figure costs a ghoulishly evil price of 10600 yen and you’ve got yourself a figure no one, and I mean, no one in their sanity should even get. This pitiful figure is due for a February 2012 release and is a Hobby Japan ONLINESHOP exclusive.


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