Sentinel’s Stocking Shames Her Shimapan

The partner to the earlier announced Metamorphose Panty figure by pitifully obscure manufacturer, Sentinel, has finally been put up for pre-order. Stocking, the swash-buckling lolita sweets glutton, is featured here in her much lusted form only seen in 10 seconds of erotic transformation. However, unlike Panty who at least looks quite serviceable, Stocking seems to have had her face deformed to the point that she looks like a strutting tranny. What looks to be even more disappointing, at least in my eyes, is that her body sculpt looks to be just as disjointed and out of proportion. It’s as if the sculptor just had an insatiable desire to showcase his ability to fail. For those still in the mood to dance with “Stocking” (note the ” “), this 1/7 scale figure can be yours in December for a retarded price of 8500 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


One thought on “Sentinel’s Stocking Shames Her Shimapan

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