Evangelion 3.0 Film Trailer Leaked, Asuka Goes Jack Sparrow

A new trailer of the eagerly awaited follow up to the new Evangelion movie series, entitled, “Evangelion Shin Gekijō-ban Q Quickening,” has surfaced on the interwebs, showing Asuka’s reinvention from beloved tsundere to someone who seems to have come from a rejected “Pirates of the Caribbean” script.

The video also shows EVA Unit-02 holding a big f*cking ass positron rifle of some sorts while doing a ballerina flip in the air, all while having a carapace or a shield propped behind its back. Looks to be quite impossible in real life, but this is anime anyways (after you’ve seen mechs eating fellow mechs like vultures, this is nothing). Anno can do whatever he likes with his highly controversial and outwards-turned-in franchise. The trailer also points out to a Fall 2012 movie release for this 3rd installment of the new Evangelion tetralogy.


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